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Why Choose Chiropractic Care To Improve Your Range Of Motion?

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Chiropractic Care For Improved Range Of Motion

Elevate Spinal Care views a limited range of motion as a common problem amongst our patients and if you’re suffering from it, you know about the negative impact it can have on your daily life. Even simple tasks like brushing your teeth and putting on your shirt can be difficult if you have difficulty turning your head or moving your arms. Your body must be able move freely in order to stay healthy and strong, regardless of whether it’s your knees, neck or back. The point is, your mobility is very important!

Even the most basic and subtle movements can become difficult due to a variety of factors, including poor lifestyle choices, sports injuries, and inevitable aging. We suggest seeking out chiropractic care and taking advantage of it’s holistic approach to spinal and joint health if you are and can improve your quality of life by increasing your range and motion.

In this blog you’ll learn how chiropractic care and massage therapy can help you improve your mobility, and prevent further injury.  

What Is The Range Of Motion?

Range of motion is crucial for the body to function properly. An impaired range of motion can lead to pain, discomfort, or make it more difficult to move your body in the same way that you once did before. The range of motion (ROM) of a joint or body part, which is the measure of movement in a particular area, is expressed in degrees. Flexibility is a measure of your ability to move the body part in a certain way without discomfort or pain. After an injury, trauma or other medical condition, your range of motion can be severely limited. Patients may feel tight, stiff and sore when they have back, neck or shoulder pain. These symptoms can make it difficult for patients to keep up with their daily routines. Sometimes, compensatory patterns can develop which could lead to more pain and discomfort when moving about. Chiropractic care can often resolve these issues before they become serious and help prevent future structural injuries.  

The Chiropractic Solution  

Physical therapists are often regarded as experts in improving range and mobility. But did you know that chiropractors can also significantly help you with your mobility issues? Chiropractic manipulations and various stretches may be able to help you regain functional movement and reduce your limitations! The American College of Physicians recommends that doctors encourage people with chronic low back pain or limited mobility to first seek non-medication treatments such as chiropractic care before taking medication to treat their pain.


Your body may be out of alignment, which could cause limited motion in your neck, back, and shoulders. Your spine, joints, muscles, and brain are all designed to work with each other, but in a certain way. But when injuries and daily wear and tear cause things to shift out of alignment your body will let you know it needs some attention! This is when you feel discomfort and notice limited ranges of motion from your body. Chiropractic care can help address these issues and ensure that your body will move the way it was intended to, free from pain!  


Inflamed or tight muscles can lead to stiffness and limited movement. You may limit your range of motion by straining your muscles. To help you loosen up and improve circulation, a massage therapist might be able give you a soft-tissue massage. You will feel more flexible and limber as tight muscles are released.  


Chiropractic care may be able help you mobilize your restricted joints using exercises or stretches that are similar to physical therapy. Your chiropractor can also help you in performing at home exercises that are designed to enhance your range of motion on your own. As we’ve said, increased mobility and overall body function is almost guaranteed to help with preventing further and future injuries. 

Do you have mobility issues? Are you tired of being hindered by a limited range of motion and experiencing pain or discomfort? Elevate Spinal Care would love to be able to help you! Our mission is to improve mobility all over your body, not just your spine and we strive to give our clients the best chiropractic care available. To schedule a chiropractic consultation, contact us today!