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Pediatric Chiropractic Care Tips for Back to School

pediatric chiropractic care

Back to School and What It Means For Your Child's Spine

We want our children to be successful in school when the time comes to send them back in at the end of summer. In most learning environments, it is common for children to carry around heavy books in heavy backpacks. They also tend to sit a lot and look at screens. These activities can also cause back pain, making it hard to focus and learn. To ensure good mental and physical health, pediatric chiropractic care is a great idea! In this blog we’ll go over some of our tips to help students avoid neck and back pain when they return to school.

Backpacks contribute to back pain 

The spine can become irritated by the impact of a backpack. It should not exceed 10-20% of a student’s weight. This being said, a backpack should not weigh more than 20 pounds for a 100-pound student. Backpacks should be worn so that the straps are snug over the shoulders and the bottom of the bag should not fall below the belt.

Correct posture for children  

Proper reading and sitting postures for children are two of the best ways to ensure a healthy spine. Tablets are popular among students at school and have many benefits, including the ability to reduce the weight of backpacks. As most of us know, poor posture, neck and back pain can be caused by staring at screens for long periods of time. Proper posture is important for reading any screen, including cellphone screens, tablet screens, books, and tablets. Look straight ahead. Don’t tilt your head over your shoulders or look down. Children are increasingly receiving pediatric chiropractic care for bad reading habits and sitting posture.

When students sit at their desks, they should have both their feet flat on the ground in order to read properly. Your shoulders should be back and your head should be above your neck. Students can easily fall into a slouching habit while sitting. However, kids should not lean back on their chairs.

Make sure they stretch! 

For spine health, stretching is essential. Before your child goes back to school, make sure they know some basic stretches. Your child should stretch for at least 10-15 minutes before engaging in any strenuous activity. After that, he or she should cool down. It will make a big difference in your child’s spinal health if you take a few moments to stretch every day.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care for your child 

Chiropractic care is not just for adults. Elevate Spinal Care offers exceptional pediatric chiropractic care for children to make sure your child is enjoying school without any back or neck pain.

To schedule a pediatric chiropractic care consultation for your child, contact us today!